Jerry Morris, B.S., M.S., R. NCS. T., CNCT, FASET

1994–Present   Willis Knighton Medical Center   Shreveport, LA EMG/EEG/Evoked Potentials Laboratory
EMG/NCV Studies.
Evoked Potential Testing.
   -Auditory Evoked Potentials.
   -Somatosensory Evoked Potentials.
   -Visual Evoked Potentials.
Intraoperative monitoring SSEP/MEP/EMG.
24 Hour ambulatory EEG monitoring.
EEG Studies.

1972–1975 Northwestern State University Natchitoches, LA B.S. Major Zoology - minor chemistry. Graduated Cum Laude.
1975-1978 Northwestern State University Natchitoches, LA Master of Science – Natural science (zoology)


25 plus years of teaching at various electrodiagnostic seminars, private sessions, and guest speaker engagements across the U.S. and Canada. Topics have included: Neuromuscular junction disease Entrapment, hereditary, infectious, metabolic, and generalized neuropathies, late responses (F waves and H reflexes), blink reflexes, myopathies, basic to advanced NCS electrode placement, anatomy and physiology of the nervous system, instrumentation, motor neuron disease, radiculopathies, plexopathies , troubleshooting, anomalies, case studies, ethics issues, SSEP anatomy and electrode placement.

Current member of ASET, AANEM, and ALASET AAET 1978 to 2004 – past president, board of directors, and examination committee. AAET-- R. NCS. T.--1978 ASET 1991 to present – past board of directors, program chairman for 2009 annual meeting, nominating and membership committees, Louisiana Governmental Advocacy committee, Theda Sannit Award committee, Kathy Mears lecturer, 2016 Developing online NCS courses for ASET 2010—presen ASET Theda Sannit educational award winner, 2008 Elected ASET Fellow, 2014 AANEM-- CNCT, 2011 AANEM---- Ethics committee and Technologist Education committee—co-chairman 2018-present AANEM—Board of Directors 2018--present

Wu, Ju-sung, M.D., Gwendolyn R. Hogan, M.D., and Jerry D. Morris, M.S. “Modified methods for preparation of Cryostat Sections of Skeletal Muscle”, Muscle and Nerve, 8:664-666, 1985.

Wu, Ju-sung, M.D., Jerry D. Morris, M.S., and Gwendolyn R. Hogan, M.D., “Ulnar Neuropathy at the Wrist”. A case report and review of the literature. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. 66(11):785-788, 1985.

Morris, Jerry. Technical Tips: Methods of Warming and Maintaining Limb Temperature during Nerve Conduction Studies. AJET. 53(3): 241-251, 2013.

Morris, Jerry. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and Related Motor neuron Disease: An Overview. AJET. 55(3): 180-194, 2015.

Morris, Jerry. Review of “Buschbacher’s Manual of Nerve Conduction Studies, Third Edition. Dinesh Kumbhare, Lawrence Robinson, and Ralph Buschbacher. AJET. 56(2): 119-121, 2016.

Morris, Jerry. Kathleen Mears Memorial Lecture: Go for the Gold: Essential Skills for Neurodiagnostic Practitioners. AJET. 57(1): 2-16, 2017.

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