Caleb, Trainer

 Hi, my name is Caleb and I spent close to eight  years in the military after high school, and was  medically discharged after being injured on a  deployment to Afghanistan in 2011. I studied  dog training at the Tom Rose School outside St.
 Louis, Missori in 2016 where I trained dogs in competition obedience, tracking, protection, scent detection, agility, and SAR.

I ran the dog program at a rescue group for a year and decided to return to school to work with service dogs. That's where I placed my first PTSD dog, a black lab named Shade, with a veteran. While there, I saw a posting for a job training with SDWR, and after visiting the farm and talking to the staff I was excited to join an organization dedicated to helping others improve their quality of life. My ten year old daughter, Grace, does competitive gymnastics, and I have two dogs of my own. Cyrus is a 7 year old Doberman I adopted from a breed rescue, and Susan is a two year old black German Shepard I got in Kentucky at six weeks old.

2019 Conference
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